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How to Have a Baby on a Budget

Posted by Sarah on July 25, 2017

Raising a baby on a budget

Babies can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. There are many things you can do to keep the costs of raising a child down. Way down. Not sure how? Read on to learn about some helpful suggestions.

  1. Shop Consignment

Baby clothes are very cute but can be very expensive. Why pay hundreds for designer duds when you can shop consignment? Babies grow so quickly, they hardly wear an outfit more than once. And, this is good news for you if you’re shopping second hand. You can find top brands and designer names in these shops and the quality of clothes is still top notch.

In addition to clothing, baby toys are abundant in consignment shops. You can find everything from doll houses to puzzles; bouncers and play mats. These items have also been lightly used and are marked down for a fraction of the price.  And, if you establish a client connection with the shop, you can bring your own used items to it in order to get money back on any items that you list with them and they sell. It’s a win-win situation.

Subscribe and Save

Diapers? Yes, you’ll need them-lots of them. Wipes? Yup, you’ll need those too. Also, add diaper rash cream, baby shampoo, baby laundry detergent, and formula (if you’re not nursing) to the list. Shop online for these items to save top dollar and buy in bulk. You’ll get an even better price if you subscribe to any of these items. That means you’ll get a monthly delivery at your door and you’ll have hundreds of bucks a year.

  1. Skip Daycare

Daycares have their pros, but they also have their cons. One of them is the cost to watch your baby per week. Expect to pay on average between $300 a week. And, you don’t get that money back if you miss a week or a few days due to sickness or vacation; in order to hold your baby’s spot. It is much more cost effective to hire a home care sitter. This means having someone come to your home, or you dropping your baby off at their home. Home sitters charge about $25-$30 a day. And, they are pretty flexible if you need to cancel or shift days around.

Nurse Your Baby

Breastfeeding has benefits for both mom and baby. But, one of the biggest benefits is it being an affordable feeding option. Formula can run anywhere from $15-$40 a canister (depending on if your baby needs a specialized formula), but breastmilk is free. And, it’s made specifically for your baby’s needs. You can pump to stockpile your supply, and breastmilk is able and safe to be put in the freezer for future use. Don’t have cash to buy a pump? Check with your insurance company. Many provide a pump for free!

  1. Cut Other Expenses

You can cut expenses around the house to free up more money for your baby in your budget. Do you really need television? You’ll probably be too busy and too tired taking care of your newborn! If you cut the cable, you can subscribe to ala cart tv, like Sling; where you pay $25 a month to select a few channels. You can sign up for Netflix, or even watch tv or movies using your Amazon Prime account. The point is, start getting creative when it comes to determining what you need or don’t need around your home!

Babies need love and care. While extrinsic items are nice, they aren’t really a necessity. Consider these five tips to cut down on costs and free up some more room in your monthly budget when you have a baby!