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Back to School - With a Baby??

Posted by Sarah on September 10, 2017

back to school with a baby

Ok, so you mastered the art of having two kids (or more). You’ve got the grocery store, park, beach, mall, and restaurant thing down pat. But, how will things change when your little one needs to get ready for school, and you have a baby to care for? Fret not. While it may get a bit sticky at first, it will become a no brainer each and every morning. You’ve got this. Read on to gain some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to getting your kiddo back to school with a new baby in the mix. 

1. Set up the Breakfast Table-The Night Before 

Every once in a while it’s totally ok to be that mom who gives her child a pop tart as they run out to catch the bus. Things happen, mornings can be crazy-but you can make things much easier by setting up for the morning the night before. Literally place everything you need out and you’ll find that your morning will go much smoother because everything you need will be in hands reach. Your kids deserve a healthy, family breakfast. 

2. Work Out in the Morning 

Yes, seriously. A wise man once said, “A body in motion stays in motion.” You’ll be shocked at how alive and motivated (ok, hyper) you feel as you get everyone up and out the door. 

3. Hang the Book bag on the Door Knob 

If you put your child’s book bag on your door knob, there is literally no way they can walk out the door without it-they’ll be touching it! Afraid you’re going to leave the lunch in the fridge? Place a yellow sticky note above the knob and physically peel it off the door as you make your way to the refrigerator to grab it. 

4. Introduce Tummy Time 

There is no better time than early in the morning to introduce your little baby to tummy time. It needs to be a part of their day, so why not do it when you help your child get dressed and prepped for the day? 

5. Wear Your Baby 

Wearing your baby always ensures you’re getting that skin to skin contact while you’re helping your older child organize their book bag, brush their teeth, and walk to the bus stop. You can go totally hands free in case you need to carry anything for them and don’t have to be bothered with the hassle of toting a stroller around. 

6. Sleep In Casual Clothes 

Not into a morning work out? No problem. If your newborn is up all night long, the last thing you’re going to want to do is shower and pretty yourself up for the bus stop. Simply roll out of bed in “acceptable” clothes, like yoga pants and a comfortable tunic; so your older child isn’t cringing when you catch the bus with them in your pajamas. 

Voila! Two kids is definitely more of a challenge in any aspect of life, but when it comes to getting one off to school; it’s doable! Follow these tips and tricks to ensure the school year gets off to a great start and everyone is happy.