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How to Thrive the First Week Home With a New Baby

Posted by Sarah on July 5, 2017

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No one sends you home from the hospital with a set of instructions. While some guidance may be provided, it really sinks in when you walk through your front door that you are solely responsible for the needy but cute little life you created. How will you make it through? Read on for some suggestions to thrive your first week home with a newborn baby.

  1. Plan Out a Sleep Schedule

There will be less arguments with your partner later if a sleep schedule is planned out ahead of time.  You’re both going to be tired, so you both need your rest. Devise a plan that works best for you both, and keep in mind that new babies need to eat about every 3 hours or so.

  1. Practice Swaddling

If you get the art of swaddling down now, you’ll fumble around less later. Use a doll and practice folding and tying the bottoms and sides so you learn how to keep your baby snug and secure. After all, a cozy baby equals a quiet baby!

  1. Set up a Feeding Station

If you’re planning on bottle feeding, make sure those bottles are sterilized and set up next to your sink. Place burp clothes, the formula itself, and a bottle brush nearby for easy access. This way when you come home, you’ll be good to go. 

  1. Unwrap Those Diaper Cakes

Just like setting those bottles up, your diapers should be set up as well. Have newborn and size one diapers ready to go, since one may fit the baby better than the other. If you have received a diaper cake (or two), now is the time to undo them and organize them. Don’t forget to have diaper cream, wipes, and powder nearby as well.

  1. Watch Bathing Videos

Many new parents get nervous about giving their baby a bath. Take the guess work out of it by watching a few bathing videos. They’ll help you relax and get all supplies set up and ready to go, so you can simply add water and be ready.

  1. Cook Ahead of Time

Cook a few different types of meals (lasagna, casseroles, soups) that freeze well. This way you don’t have to worry about cooking anything and will have more time tending to the baby and getting acclimated to your new life.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Pets certainly feel slighted when a baby is brought home. Think ahead by hiring a pet sitter. They can take your dog on a walk, give the cat some attention, and simply take them off your hands for a bit.

Bringing home a baby can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Be sure you complete these simply tasks prior to the birth to ensure you’re ahead of the game and prepared for whatever comes your way.