Pregnant Pauses DVD: Skinny Mom Approved

January 10th, 2012

Pregnancy is a miracle. Pregnancy is beautiful. But sometimes, pregnancy is a pain in the butt.

Pregnant Pauses DVD

Many women claim that they’ve never felt better or healthier than when they were pregnant, but the rest of us NORMAL women :) may have had other experiences. At times, pregnancy can make the simplest of tasks seem impossible, and for these instances, a great resource has been created!

Pregnant Pauses, an innovative and scientifically proven DVD created by Alan Questel, is a daily tool that alleviates those “pain in the butt” symptoms. Questel has worked with pregnant women for the past 25 years, observing the simple tasks made difficult during pregnancy. His extensive research yielded several different exercise movements that make certain movements easier during and after pregnancy. These methods of exercise allow women to engage in movements that collaborate with their nervous system, which in turn, encourages the muscular and skeletal systems to work more efficiently with one another.

Broken down into six different “pauses”, this easily accessible DVD helps moms-to-be move easier, sleep better, breathe deeper, increase energy levels and alleviate pregnancy pains. At the beginning of each “pause”, the movements are explained in an easy to follow, detailed manner. This simple, yet unusual approach, allows women to use their own bodies more “intelligently, effectively and efficiently” to have an overall more enjoyable and healthier pregnancy.

I’ve had multiple moms-to-be try the DVD set and all the responses were positive. A mother of three with one more on the way claims she wishes she had this DVD sooner as all her pregnancies would have been less painful. She acknowledged that having this resource would have made the simplest tasks – rolling over in bed, getting off the couch, controlling her breathing when uncomfortable – a lot more feasible.

Moms-to-be of all stages in their pregnancy will benefit from this DVD, and results will be felt in higher degrees (increased energy, less pain and discomfort) when utilized more frequently. However, this isn’t exercise in the traditional sense when you must be in shape or must use daily. Complete these movements at your own pace and in your own time. The best part is that it won’t feel like exercise. It is a short period out of your hectic day to be alone with your baby, moving in ways that make you and your baby happier and healthier.

If you’re a mom-to-be, plan on becoming a mom-to-be, or are interested in giving this DVD set to a friend, you can purchase Pregnant Pauses online for $85.00 or place an order by phone at 800-677-6707 .

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Reviewed by Tori Tarvin
Assistant Editor


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