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Tips for Staying Organized the First Month Home

Posted by Sarah on November 10, 2017

Staying Organized

Being pregnant is all fun and games-until the realization hits you while you’re in the delivery room that you’re about to bring a real live baby home from the hospital. And, from that moment, your life will never be the same (in a good way though!). Some moms have some difficulty with easing into this transitional time. They lack sleep, energy, they’re dealing with hormones-the last thing they want to do is deal with their home in regard to cooking, cleaning, and organizing. So, here are a few tips you can put in your back pocket now, so that brining your baby home is a snap, the very first month!

  1. Put Your Bills on Auto Pay

Paying bills almost becomes an afterthought the first week home with baby. Don’t sit around and fret about writing out checks, picking up stamps, and figuring out what to send when. Set up auto-pay. A month before you’re due, take a day to schedule everything so you don’t have to remember to make any payments. And, you can rest assured that everything will be deducted from your account on time. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is cuddling that baby!

  1. Cook Up Some Casseroles

Casseroles freeze well. So, eliminate the need to cook for at least the first month of your baby’s life. While lasagna is super yummy, it’s also calorie dense. And, the last thing a post-partum mom wants to worry about is calories, so they tend to pass on casseroles. But, don’t! There’s lots of healthy casserole recipes online that will help nourish your body and trim down your waist line, without requiring you to slave over the stove.

  1. Make a Baby-Sitting Chart

Keep your sitters straight! Many families offer to take the baby so a new mom can rest. Make sure you place a write on/wipe off calendar in plain view so you can keep straight the guests who will be making an appearance and who will be taking the baby. Another important thing to put on this sitting chart? A date night! It will give you something to look forward to and will help you enjoy some much needed alone time with your partner.

  1. Grocery Shop Online

Lots of grocery store chains now allow you to grocery shop online and either pick up your order in the parking lot, or better yet; get the groceries delivered right to your door. It’s like a new mom’s dream come true.

Hire a Helper-Just for a Month

Can’t keep up with laundry? Send it out to be cleaned. Too tired to scrub the shower or walk the dog? Don’t worry; help can be on the way. Seriously consider hiring help for just the first month you come home from the hospital. It takes a lot off your plate and you can solely focus on recovering, catching up on sleep, and bonding with your baby. Not in your budget? Well, you have nine months to save up, so don’t delay! It will be the best money you’ve ever spent.

Don’t Forget To Nest!

Don’t fight the natural urge to nest before you go into labor. Just go with it! Organized those sock drawers, polish your silverware, and by all means clean your dishwasher (all you need is a little vinegar!). Do all these little things now while you still have the drive before you get overwhelmed and too tired and all these little things around your home start to drive you crazy.

The first month home with a baby can be rough. It takes a while to fall into a routine and adjust to your new life (and lack of sleep). Consider the six suggestions above to stay happy, healthy, and organized the first month you’re home with a baby.