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First Father's Day Festivities

Posted by Sarah on June 11, 2017

First Fathers Day Festivities

First Father’s Day Festivities

Expecting mommies are honored on Mother’s Day as they continue to grow and nurture their baby inside of them. Dads, first time fathers and long time daddies should feel extremely special on Father’s Day. While you may not want to roll out the red carpet just yet and splurge on an ultra-expensive present, you can certainly make a gracious gesture that any dad-to-be will enjoy. Here are a few first Father’s Day festivity ideas that will make this special day very memorable.

  1. Dogs and Dads

Pretty much like it sounds; invite all your favorite dads over for a cook out. Be sure to serve up so hot dogs and create a toppings bar so all the favorite men in your life get their dinner just how they like it. Don’t forget to serve up the daddy-to-be’s favorite beverage and have his favorite tunes playing in the background-after all, it’s all about him today!

  1. Dad Photoshoot

Pregnant moms often get maternity photos taken to document how they look and feel when with child. Dads may not be carrying a baby, but they certainly feel excited! Consider asking your photographer to take a few shots of dad when they’re finishing up your session. Dad can hold up an ultra-sound image, or a chalkboard that says, “Daddy-to-Be.” The gesture is thoughtful and dad will have something to document this special time.

  1. Dad Survival Basket

Moms get a lot of stuff at their baby shower, but dads tend to get the short end of the stick. For Father’s Day, put together a daddy survival basket. It can contain new pajama pants (since he’ll be homebound for a bit), pain reliever (for headaches that arise), a sleep mask (since he’ll need to catch some zzz’s in the middle of the day), and even gift cards to local restaurants (so he can order take out since cooking meals will be challenging at first). The dad in your life will love the basket and will be able to use all of the customizable items.

  1. Shower Him With Sports

Get your dad-to-be tickets to his favorite sports team’s game. You can go with him, or send him off with his friends so he can celebrate his new status with his friends and family. Place the tickets in a Father’s Day care and even send him to the game with some extra cash in tow, so he can treat himself to lunch and drinks.

  1. Dine In

You may not be feeling up to dining out anywhere, but on Father’s Day; visit his favorite restaurant to place a to-go order so you can dine in. He’ll love that the meal is all about him! Also, be sure to save room for dessert because you’ll bake him a First Father’s Day cake to consume at the end of the meal (don’t forget to photograph it!).

  1. Cute Saying Onesie

You can get a gift for both the baby and for dad by getting a special onesie made with a customized saying. It can be something like, “Dad’s best bud” or “Future Hunting Partner;” or whatever else would apply to him, his likes, and lifestyle. He’ll love getting the baby dressed in it and will appreciate the nod to him on Father’s Day.

Moms get a lot of attention. But, dads should get attention too. Consider these six ideas to ensure the dad in your life has the best first Father’s Day ever!