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Fall Pregnancy Trends

Posted by Sarah on November 20, 2016

Fall Pregnancy Trends

Fall is a great time to be pregnant or deliver a baby. It’s the perfect temperature, it is host to a variety of outdoor activities, and it is simply a breathtaking time of year. One way you can embrace the season is by boasting some pregnancy trends. Read on to learn about the maternity items that are totally of the moment, as well as some great baby related items that your little bundle of joy will look absolutely adorable in or utilizing!

  1. 1.     Bold Blazers

Fall boasts that in-between weather. Some days it’s warm, some days it’s cool (when you’re pregnant, your body temperature always fluctuates). In order to give your go-to denim jacket a rest, many expecting moms slip on a bold blazer. These blazers are highly structured and contoured (and not meant to be buttoned), serving as the perfect layering piece. Shop for a blazer that is featured in a rich eggplant hue; or hot pink tone in order to liven up any casual or dressy ensemble. 

  1. 2.     Floral and Suede

Many pregnant women are showcasing their fashion sense by pairing a floral printed, knee length dress with suede riding boots. Shop for a dress with an A-line silhouette; or look for one that has an empire waist to get a flattering but comfortable fit. Plus, the subtle texture on the boots complements the floral print beautifully, giving the overall look an androgynous feel.

  1. 3.     Infinity Scarves

The ultimate fall accessory; infinity scarves are still going strong. Pregnant women are adding an infinity to their week day or week end wear to draw the eye upward and take attention away from a bulging belly and their bottom half. Many are wearing an infinity scarf with a comfortable knit tee and quilted vest. An added bonus of this fall item? You can use it as a cover up when you’re nursing your baby. Talk about function and fashion!

  1. 4.     Baby Moccasins

Moms and Moms-to-be aren’t the only ones who can show off their keen fashion sense! Babies can also get into the fall spirit by sliding on a pair of moccasins. These soft and trendy booties are highly cute and highly comfortable. Be sure to pair them with skinny fit baby jeans or jogger style pants! 

  1. 5.     Adventure Themes

Many of the top baby retailers are turning to an adventure theme when designing their fall baby line. Keep your eyes peeled for unisex items that include bow and arrow prints (in a variety of colors), sassy sayings (like, “Rebel” or the general term, “Adventure”), and also Where the Wild Things Are inspired crown prints and shapes from the beloved children’s book.

So many trends, so little time! These five fashion items are a must for both mom and baby this season. Whether you are expecting or have just delivered, you can embrace the season of fall by dressing the part and enjoying the sights all around you!